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Be it high performing web, mobile, or connected devices apps, we've built digital products to help users do better.

Engagement & Training app for Employees
iPad and web app to simplify the learning experience for on-the-field enterprise employees. With video communication at its core, the app ensures everyone is in sync in real-time, all the time.
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Referral and Viral Marketing Platform
Highly scalable viral and referral marketing SaaS platform built for modern marketers and agencies. A platform that runs more than 1000+ active campaigns a month. All this from zero to launch in 16 weeks.
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What makes RaftLabs different ?
There is a difference between “Dev Shop” and a “Product Development” team.

We are product builders ourselves. Check out our labs section to learn more about our products.

As a part of our product building process, we have understood difference between building something v/s building something your customers want.

That insight helps us solve problem efficiently.We don’t re-invent wheel. We believe in weeks and not months.
What technologies do you use ?
We use various latest technology stack. It depends on product requirements and its phase mainly Concept, Launch, Growth and Support.

We use React.JS, Node.JS for web apps.

We use a lot of serverless architecture for heavy lifting.

For iOS and Android mobile apps development, we prefer Swift and Kotlin respectively.
What is your business model ? How do you engage ?
Per Project Basis (Fixed Cost Model)

Generally, we engage on project basis.

First, we get on product brainstorming session.

Then, we define a project outline out of that.

After that, we share a ballpark time and cost estimates.

In the end, we allocate a dedicated product team who works with you for the outlined scope. We charge as per the estimated project cost.

Resource Basis (T&M Model)

If you have a project in place and are looking to augment your current development team, we can provide dedicated pool of developers, who will work with your team directly as per your project requirements.

We charge on resource’s time engagement basis.
How do you allocate people on projects?
We assign a small team to each project based on hours and skill sets.

We make sure your project gets dedicated team members, so you get our focus and productivity.

Each product team unit comprises of designer, developers, business analyst, project manager, software tester and DevOps engineer.
How quickly can you engage on project ?
In most cases, we start with Product Brainstorming & Roadmap session.

That session generally helps us and our clients bring out a lot of clarity.

Post that session, we generally kick-start in week’s time.

Finally, we put that time assembling right team based on the skill sets and approach required.
Where is your team based ?
We have a remote team.

Part of us is based in Ireland and India. Our core technical team is based in India.

Let's Build Great Products Together.