About Us

We're product builders

We're a team mix of diverse languages, cultures, and varied professional experiences. We use all of our cumulative backgrounds to imagine new product experiences and solve complex problems.
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Let's build better

How we work ?

Our Work

We're driven by the mission to build lovable software products (not projects) that simplify the customer experience and help businesses to do more.  

We tend to work in verticals that we know better – streaming media (audio/video) and digital commerce.

We're inspired by JTBD (Job to be done) framework. Simply put, we'd love to bring elements of why to our software products and not just what.

We only win when you (our client) win.

Our Values

7 things that help us put our 'Raft' back in the right direction.

  1. We believe in trying new ways of doing and failing rather than not doing. We strive to simplify.  
  2. One good thing is better than everything.  
  3. We try every day to learn. We learn from everyone. Peers, customers, partners, and leaders.
  4. We try to be open and unassuming so that we can grow.  
  5. We believe in owning the outcomes and not just tasks.
  6. We run for each other. Our peers, customers, and partners.  
  7. We enjoy what we do. :)

Our Approach

We're a startup-turned product development agency.  So our approach is a 'little' different than a standard development agency.

  1. We don't take just requirements from you and deploy team. We understand the problem you're trying to solve. We design solutions that add value and not features.  
  2. We don't re-invent the wheel. We do what it takes so that you can go to market faster.  
  3. We keep things simple and prudent. We avoid unnecessary tech complexities.

We only win when you (our client) win.


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