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$10K worth of AI consultation & prototyping
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2-3 Weeks with our AI team on your AI project
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Bespoke working prototype to solve your AI problem
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Custom development blueprint with tech stack for scalability
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Your business's AI-driven ROI potential, calculated
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Zero Obligation - Opt Out Anytime
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Guaranteed Security and Confidentiality for Your AI Concept

How it works

Book a consultation call with us and we will get in touch to discuss requirements.
We will understand the problem. Once qualified, our team will get started in building the AI prototype custom built for you.
In 1-2 weeks, you will have a working AI prototype for your needs and a complete technical blueprint. All this completely free.
*Offer Valid till 30th April
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Transforming Businesses with AI

Discover how our AI Solutions revolutionized Companies like Yours

Conversational AI Bot to Extract Deeper Insights

Our client, a leading market researcher, wanted to automate the tedious task of manually analyzing valuable conversation data for quicker and accurate results.

To tackle this challenge, we created an incredibly smart bot. It can process and analyze huge amounts of conversational data in just a snap!

The bot helps in:

  • Accurately transcribed conversations involving multiple people.
  • Analyze the tone and sentiment of each participant.
  • Identifies the main ideas and topics discussed.
  • Notifies when participants agree or disagree with each other.
Faster Analysis
Deeper Understanding
More Accurate Conclusions
AI-Driven Patient Monitoring and Alert System

Our client urgently needed a faster patient monitoring solution to fix the delays in patient care caused by the slow systems they currently have.

We developed an advanced patient monitoring system that's 3 times faster and provides a comprehensive view of patient health instantly.

The system helps in:

  • Accurately transcribed conversations involving multiple people.
  • Identifies the main ideas and topics discussed.
  • Sends automated alerts for significant changes or anomalies.
  • Notifies when participants agree or disagree with each other.
Faster Insights
More Accurate Conclusions
Deeper Understanding
Building an Interactive Document Processing Bot

Our multinational client, buried in paperwork, sought a smarter approach to handle vast document collections for research, law, and admin purposes

We built an AI-powered document processing bot. It is like an assistant that helps one to navigate through the piles of documents effortlessly.

The key features of the bot are:

  • Find relevant legal precedents, research articles, or company policies in seconds.
  • The more you use it, the smarter it gets.
  • Streamlines the document management process.
  • No more sifting through messy folders.
Faster Search
Better Accuracy
Enhanced User Productivity

Our Promise

Tailored AI solutions (chatbots, custom workflows) for your needs
Complete AI data privacy and security
From idea to working AI solution in less than 12 weeks
Flexible approach to match your budget needs
Our Process Unveiled

Adopting AI made easy for business leaders

Got a kick-ass idea, or is your business expanding? If you think AI or GPT could elevate your operations, but you're unsure where to begin, we're here to assist. With our risk-free, no-obligation AI consultation and prototyping, we invite you to bring your challenges to the table. We'll craft a working prototype in 1-2 weeks, commitment-free, to kickstart your journey.

Defining the Challenge
We start by getting a clear picture of your goals and challenges.
Approach Evaluation
We evaluate and identify the optimal approach (ML/LLMs) for your particular problem.
Crafting Your AI Prototype
Next, we create a bespoke AI prototype perfectly aligned with your vision, designed to tackle your specific challenges.
Developing Your AI Solution
Finally, we proceed to construct a full-proof, robust AI solution ( web/mobile/ workflows) tailored to meet your unique requirements.

AI Solutions and Use Cases

Context aware chatbots for customer support, interviewing candidates, providing knowledge etc. Save thousands of man hours. 
For : HR, SaaS, Insurance, Banks, Manufacturing
Insight Generation and Extraction
Build a custom workflow that can read, extract, analyze and provide insightful summaries from documents, transcripts, unstructured and structured data.
For : Consulting, Health, Education, Law firms
Generative Systems 
Purpose built generative AI powered systems for creating  marketing content, SEO content, writing proposals and drafts, crafting bespoke documents and building visualizations on the fly. 
For : Marketing and Customer Engagement Agencies, Design Agencies,
Let us do what’s right for you

ChatGPT and similar tools will not solve your business challenges like we do

AI Services and Other Agencies

  • One fits all approach
  • ChatGPT wrappers without real problexm context
  • OpenAI Integrations without clear optimizations
  • Crazy pricing ask 
  •  Broken user experience
  • Data privacy and security is none’s  business


  • AI Consultation and Prototype First
  •  Bespoke solution to match the business (health,education,marketing,fintech etc) needs
  • Flexible pricing approach to match your budgets
  • Unified user experience 
  •  Your data , your control 

Claim My Free AI Prototype

*Offer Valid till 30th April
Outcomes, not just services

Why startups and small businesses choose RaftLabs

Prototyping Approach
Try it first to believe it. 
Full Service Development
Web and mobile apps with focus on building lovable products. 
Complete Transparency 
Dedicated team with zero BS.
Agile Team
Product Passionate team that works hand in hand with you
24x7 Support
Ongoing support during and after launch. Nothing changes.
Pay as you go
Flexible payment schedules. No lock-ins. We deliver, you pay. 
Partners, not vendors

Loved by Startups & Enterprises alike

Partners, not vendors

Loved by the startups and businesses

Start your AI Journey with our risk-free, zero-obligation AI prototyping for $10,000 Free

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