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UXPressia is a collaborative customer experience platform that allows you to create, export, and share customer journey maps, personas, and impact maps online. Some of the platform’s features include maps and personas with a predefined, easy-to-customize structure (drag and drop sections, such as text, video, embed code, touchpoints, etc.). Multiple-persona journey maps. Design View (journey atlas) to specify relations between mapping initiatives. 120+ free templates for 10+ industries to use as a starting point. Text and audio comments, dot votes, and reactions. Storyboard library and image formatting. Default and custom tooltips. Color themes for journey maps. Team library for touchpoints, images, channels, etc. Link and email sharing. Presentation mode. Branding and high-quality exports (PNG, PDF, CSV, and PPTX). Teams will especially enjoy collaborative options and the possibility to standardize and scale their projects.

$13.30 per month
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