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12 Point Actionable Checklist for Successful Flash Sales Campaign

Flash sales are essential for any eCommerce store. They can help store owners boost sales and optimize their profits. However, setting up a successful flash sale campaign can be tedious and challenging for anyone. Many tasks are needed to be taken care of before setting up the flash sales campaign.

So, to help all store owners, we’ve created a checklist that every store owner can go through and customize as per their needs before starting with the setting up of the Flash Sales Campaign.

In this checklist, you will get different checkpoints to keep in mind while setting up flash sales campaigns relating to:

1. Goal of the Campaign

One needs to be clear about the campaign's goal, whether it is to increase your sales, customers or reach out to new customers.

2. Products List

You can create a products list for all the products you will showcase inside the live stream. It would be constructive for the customers to see all the products in the campaign in the same place.

3. Inventory

You need to have the right set of tools at the right time during the flash sale, for instance, a proper complaints management team to cater to the needs of the consumers finding it difficult to make a purchase.

4. Target Clients

It is crucial to know your target clients because they are the only ones to participate in making a purchase. Attracting the wrong type of clients can make a difference not just for your flash sale but also in the experience of the other consumers.

5. Campaign Name

The name of the campaign should be eye-catchy. Meaning it should be carefully picked so that people remember about it and, even more so, talk to other peers about it.

6. Campaign Time

Picking a time for your campaign is tricky but not impossible. It is imperative as picking the wrong time could severely impact whether or not people participate in making purchases. For instance, picking up a time when most people are getting ready for sleep or have just come home from work will affect and bring in fewer sales than anticipated.

7. Discounts Strategy

Every great sale has discounts; it is the one distinctive thing that sales are known for. But making them in a way that they are hurting the sales just because they are bringing in more consumers is not the best idea. Also, it shouldn't be that there are not any discounts. This is always a thin line between the two sides to pick a perfect value for the discounts.

8. Marketing of Campaign

The marketing is probably the most crucial section of the entire campaign; if the audience does not even know that there is a flash sale, how are they supposed to show up and make a purchase. There it is the duty of the digital marketing team and the marketing team to make sure that all social media is inclined toward making announcements about the new sale.

9. Selecting Marketing Channels

One can find it overwhelming to select marketing channels. But this marketing area is so diverse and subjective that one has carefully gone through their statistics and pen down which are the most influential social media on which the brand is most prominent. This way, it could reach most people.

10. Shipping & Logistics

Shipping the items needs direction and patience from both the seller and the consumers. There need to be different options for the consumer to receive shipments at different times. Also, often this is directly linked to the reviews sections, meaning regardless of how the flash sales went, receiving a late shipment will make it more probable that a consumer leaves a medium review if not bad.

11. Customer Support

Customer support has to be there for the consumers on most mediums possible. Such as mobile phones, social media, and emails if the consumers sent one. They have the responsibility to make sure consumers who are willing to make a purchase will back off at this point just because of a technicality.

12. Payment Solutions

Payment options should be as many as possible. Sure, most people might have a credit card from bank A and use it for transactions, but there will always be some people who will be left out. If this is the case, it can result in a loss of sales.

We've given a few pointers to help you put your action items in the right perspective. If you want to know more about the flash sales ecosystem, we have just the blog materials for you. Read more at A Guide to Successful Shopify Flash Sales and Best Flash Sales Apps for Shopify Store.

Tanvi Bansal
Tanvi is a Growth Marketing Intern in Upraft’s Team. She is an aspiring marketer and has a flair for content writing. She is currently pursuing her MBA from IIM Sambalpur and has previously worked as a freelance content writer for different organizations. She is an enthusiastic learner who believes in the power of teamwork and wants to carve her niche in the field of marketing one day!
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