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Try our services out with our $8000 free custom software development blueprint that includes
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Optimised Technical Stack
Strategic Development Approach To Avoid Blind Spots
Tentative Timeline To Go From Zero To Launch!
Guaranteed Security and Confidentiality for Your App Concept
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How it works

Book a consultation call with us and we will get in touch to discuss requirements.
We will understand the problem. Once qualified, our team will start building your custom development blueprint.
In 1-2 weeks, you will have a complete technical blueprint for your software development needs. All this is completely free.
*Offer Valid till 15th April / Limited Slots Available!
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Transforming Businesses with Tailored Software Solutions

Projects that started with an idea like yours

Centralised App For Food Order Management
Gula streamlines food order management in Indonesia by consolidating orders from multiple delivery partners for restaurants to increase sales, manage operations, and update menus in one place.
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Voice Chat Web App For Scalable Decision Making
Learn how in 14 weeks, we built and launched a highly scalable and engaging web-based audio platform that enables scalable decision-making for civic participation, corporations, and institutions.
Learn how we did it
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Our Promise

100% scalable custom software development
Launch your web/mobile apps in 8-12 weeks
Expertise in various tech stacks
Efficient technical solutions without the hassle
Our Process Unveiled

Mapping your path to the Custom Software Blueprint

Embrace a development process that’s transparent, tailored to your unique needs, and designed to safeguard your idea, propelling your business forward with certainty!

We start by getting a clear picture of your goals and challenges.
Approach Evaluation
We evaluate and identify the optimal technical approach for your particular problem.
Crafting Your Blueprint
Next, we create the software development blueprint perfectly aligned with your vision, designed to tackle your specific challenges.
Developing Your Custom Solution
Finally, if you choose to continue with us, we proceed to construct a full-proof, robust software solution ( web or mobile app) tailored to meet your unique requirements.
Why Startups and Enterprises choose RaftLabs

The Perfect Stack for powering your Custom Software

React.js - Frontend Web Development Framework by Facebook.
Next.js - The React Framework by Vercel.
Nest.js - A progressive Node.js framework.
Hasura - GraphQL Engine for APIs
Redis database cache.
Amazon Web Services Lambda for server-less computing platform provided by Amazon.
AWS Lambda
Firebase for easy user authentication by Google.
Docker for containerising web applications suitable for various hosting services.
Tailwind CSS
Node JS
Flutter - Build Apps for any screen - App development framework by Google.
Our Custom Software Development Approach

Transform your vision into reality, hassle-free

In the discovery phase, we examine and prioritize requirements and strategically plan resources for your app. We work closely with you to approve wireframes and review early-stage specifications, ensuring a solid foundation for your business app strategy.
UX/UI Design
Our team specializes in crafting designs that seamlessly align with your product strategy, ensuring optimal user-friendliness and prominence through essential features. The adept use of simple and intuitive design effectively captures the attention of your target audience.
Computer and smartphone.
Software Development
We develop robust solutions for building your software using the agile methodology, which follows an iterative process based on user feedback. Choosing the right technology stack combined with the latest development techniques delivers the best outcomes while minimizing the risk of errors.
The app testing stage begins before the actual product launch. It measures market interest and potential profits. During this phase, our developers gather valuable feedback to improve the product before its official launch.
We release the initial version of the product, ensuring quality and stability. All final preparations are made for running the software, targeting early adopters to test your ideas in the real world and check if it meets expectations.
Full Feature Development
After collecting feedback from early software users, our team progresses to full-scale development. We enhance the quality of the features to create a more user-friendly and enjoyable final product, followed by another round of testing.
Serving Various Sectors

We offer custom software development services for various industries

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Real Feedback, Real Impact

Voices of Our Customers

"What distinguished RaftLabs from other providers was their fantastic ability to build real-time engagement-based products. We wanted to build a platform that was partly a social media channel and partly like Zoom where people could interact with each other in real-time, and they did an awesome job doing that. "

Georgina Denis
CEO & Co-Founder, SURU Together

"Their ability to understand the product from the business perspective was impressive. Part of the reason for that was that both the co-founders of RaftLabs are Entrepreneurs at heart."

Neil Shah
Co-founder, Grow Viral
BrandFire - Director - Marketing and Loyalty Platform

"Incredibly simple and easy to use app. Exactly what we were looking for. "

Nuala Canning
Director, BrandFire
Don’t lose out! Offer valid only till 15th April / Limited Slots Available.

Start your Software Development Journey with our risk-free, zero-obligation Custom Blueprint for $8,000 Free

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