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Popular Resources to Learn TypeScript!

TypeScript is a language that aims at easing the development of large-scale applications written in JavaScript. TypeScript adds common concepts such as classes, modules, interfaces, generics, and (optional) static typing to JavaScript. It is a superset of JavaScript: all JavaScript code is valid TypeScript code, which You can add seamlessly to any project. The TypeScript compiler emits JavaScript.

The 5 free resources to learn TypeScript are as follows:

1. Getting started with TypeScript

Getting started with TypeScript is a beginner's guide to TypeScript. It covers all the essential factors like TypeScript origin, syntax, interfaces, classes, etc. Readers will get a brief idea of what TypeScript is and how it works.

Created by Andrew Chalkley.

2. TypeScript Deep Dive

An eBook that serves as a deep dive into what TypeScript is and how it works. In this eBook, you can not only learn but also understand every aspect of typescript. How it came to be and where you should use it. It is an impressive Gitbook for both beginners and advanced developers. It also serves as a reference and will help users for tests and interviews.

Created by Basarat.

3. TypeScript Quick Start

Official TypeScript documentation that contains everything about TypeScript. It is a fantastic guide for everything TypeScript-related. It is also well written and updated.

Created by TypeScript Devs.

4. Learn X in Y minutes where X=TypeScript

This website conveys the idea of TypeScript in a very engaging and exciting manner. The users are presented with blocks of code. The comments of the code are the actual lessons. Reading through the comments will make us understand what each piece of code does.

Created by Philippe Vierick.

5. Clean code concepts of TypeScript

An article that educates readers about the rules they should follow to generate clean code in TypeScript. The article has over 4.6K GitHub stars. Clean coding is a necessary factor in programming and should be followed by all the development team members. This article helps beginners in TypeScript to generate clean and readable code.

Created by mheob.

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