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Simplified Ansible for Simple Automation

Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool enabling infrastructure as code, including declarative language to describe system configuration. It runs on many Unix-like systems and can configure both Unix-like systems as well as Microsoft Windows.

Ansible was written by Michael DeHaan and acquired by Red Hat in 2015. It is agentless, temporarily connecting remotely via SSH or Windows Remote Management (allowing remote PowerShell execution) to do its tasks.

The 5 free resources to learn Ansible are as follows:

1. Ansible: Installation and Basics

A simple and basic video tutorial that teaches you the basics of Ansible. The basics of Ansible, like Playbooks, vaults, and roles, are appropriately covered.

Created by Server for Hackers.

2. An Ansible Tutorial

An article that helps you familiarize yourself with Ansible. More advanced features are covered on the way. Overall, it is a practical tutorial that helps the readers learn Ansible very well through code snippets, images, etc.

Created by Server for Hackers.

3. Ansible Hands-On Training

YouTube video tutorial that lets you learn Ansible. It’s a roughly 2hr long video that talks about installation, basics, and more advanced features. Everything is explained in detail.

Created by Glen Jarvis.

4. Getting Started with Ansible

An article that talks in detail about Configuration Management and Ansible. The article covers Ansible, Concepts of Ansible and Configuration Management, Pros and Cons. It will later take the readers to the basic implementation.

Created by Tom O’Connor.

5. Ansible Quick Start

A quick start guide to learn Ansible. The guide covers the basics of Ansible, starting from installation. It also gives an idea about different terminologies used in the technology. An excellent guide you are preparing for an interview or a test.

Created by Ryan Eschinger.

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