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Build Web Apps with Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft's public cloud platform. Azure offers an extensive collection of services, including platform (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and managed database service capabilities. Azure, like other cloud platforms, relies on a technology known as virtualization. 

Azure is a vast collection of servers and networking hardware running a complex set of distributed applications to orchestrate the configuration and operation of the virtualized hardware and software on those servers. This orchestration makes Azure so powerful because users are no longer responsible for maintaining and upgrading hardware. After all, Azure does all this behind the scenes. 


1. Azure Training 

 YouTube video that teaches all the basics and core concepts of Azure. The video is 3+ hours long and contains workout problems and three quizzes. This coursework is fantastic for developers waiting for an interview or beginners who want to learn Azure step-by-step. 

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2. Azure DevOps Tutorial 

Azure DevOps helps developers and the team create and deploy applications with either Azure DevOps Service or on-premise Azure DevOps Server. For developing quality applications efficiently in organizations, it's clear that DevOps has become increasingly critical to a team's success, and integrating with the cloud is the best possible way to increase that success rate. Let's learn Azure DevOps concepts step-by-step. 

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3. Introduction to Azure 

 Official Microsoft documentation that gives a detailed introduction to Microsoft Azure. The article is the best reference to clear any doubts regarding Azure and is constantly updated.   

Created by Microsoft 

4. Azure Kubernetes service 

 Official Microsoft documentation that covers the Kubernetes service on Microsoft's Azure platform. It is standardized documentation and is constantly updated. It also acts as an excellent reference to clear any doubts.  

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5. Cloud Application Architecture Guide 

Take a structured approach to designing your cloud applications. This cloud computing architecture e-book focuses on architecture, design, and implementation—considerations that apply no matter which cloud platform you choose. The guide includes steps for:

  • Choosing the right cloud application architecture style for your app or solution. 
  • Selecting appropriate compute and data store technologies. 
  • Incorporating ten design principles to build a scalable, resilient, and manageable application. 
  • Following the five pillars of software, quality ensures your cloud app is successful. 
  • Using design patterns that specifically apply to the problem you're trying to solve. 

Download the 300-page cloud architecture e-book to explore these best practices and access design review checklists, reference architectures, and more. 

Created by Microsoft 


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