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Django - For The-Last-Minute-Perfectionist Developer!

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1. Django Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial will take you on a journey under the hood of web technologies, offering you a glimpse of all the bits and pieces that need to come together to make the web work as we know it. This YouTube Crash Course of Django discusses all the major related things to Django until building an eCommerce data model and organizing models in apps in just 1 hour.

2. Writing your first Django app

Django was developed in a fast-paced newsroom environment, and it was designed to make everyday Web-development tasks fast and easy. Here's an informal overview of how to write a database-driven Web app with Django.

The goal of this document is to give you enough technical specifics to understand how Django works, but this isn't intended to be a tutorial or reference – but we've got both! When you're ready to start a project, you can start with the tutorial or dive right into more detailed documentation.

3. Intro to Django

This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of Django 1.10.

4. Python Django Web Framework - Full Course for Beginners

This is a 3.75 hours YouTube Full Course on Python Django Web Framework. You can refer to the GitHub code, which is given in the description box of the video. It discusses from built-in components to custom mixin for class-based views.

5. Introduction - Django Web Development with Python

This is Django web development with Python tutorial series. Django is a Python web development framework aimed at rapid development and deployment.

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