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We help you craft modern inbound, outbound marketing,
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MarTech SaaS Products
Online marketing video platforms, social media publishing, referral, viral marketing solutions, lead capture workflows, affiliate integrations. You name your concept. We can help you go from idea to launch with our SaaS product development service armed with our marketing tech experiences.
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Startup Founders
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MVP Development
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Digital Marketing Agencies
Hybrid web apps and Custom Workflows
We can help you automate your marketing workflows by building hybrid web apps to connect with multiple marketing systems. It'll save you time and move your business forward effectively. Deeper integrations with CMS, CRMs, autoresponder services like Mailchimp, etc., so that you can focus on your business.
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Existing digital marketers
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Growth stage SaaS brands
Customer Loyalty, Engagement and Relationships
We help you create bespoke customer loyalty, engagement, and relationship web and mobile apps using multiple technology services and tools.
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Consumer brands
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Marketing Agencies
Case Study

Referral and Viral Marketing Platform

Learn how we built a highly scalable, robust and cost-effective B2C SaaS referral and viral marketing platform. It captures leads for individual marketers, agencies and businesses to grow their traffic, sales and leads.
"Their ability to understand the product from the business perspective was impressive."
Neil Shah, USA


What is MarTech (Marketing Technology)?
Marketing technology, or martech, is a term used to define the software and technology used by marketing professionals to promote services, attract and retain customers. These tools save time as they streamline and automate processes. They help marketers to understand the marketing efforts better.
What is Marketing Tech Stack?
Marketing tech stack is the list of tools and services marketing professionals use to execute their marketing activities, from content creation, promotion on search engines and social media, lead generation to email marketing. There are thousands of such tools and services. You can leverage many tools to achieve your marketing objectives.
When should I invest in a custom MarTech solution?
If you or your clients use multiple 3rd party services every day in your marketing campaigns, chances are you're wasting a lot of human hours doing redundant things. And these processes are prone to manual errors. These tasks and processes can be automated by building a hybrid solution to save you time and build more robust workflows.
Why should I work with RaftLabs?
We've built and launched multiple SaaS projects for our clients in this space. So we naturally understand these marketing tools very well. We can help you design a solution that effectively saves you time and goes to market faster.
How is the technology used in marketing?
Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone is using technology in marketing today. Some of the standard technology tools and platforms used in marketing are as follows :
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A keyword research tool such as ahrefs is an example of a Martech tool.
  • Content marketing: A content creation, management, and marketing platform such as WordPress or Webflow.
  • Social media marketing: A social media publishing platform such as Buffer is a Martech tool for social media marketing.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Google Ads is an example of a Martech tool for SEM.
Who generally builds MarTech solutions or products?
We've worked with startup founders, small and medium businesses, agencies, and even larger enterprises. Startup founders identify the target niche and want to solve a specific marketing activity problem. On the other hand, agencies approach us to build automated workflows. So it really varies from what stage you are at in your marketing journey effort and what problem you're facing.
How long would it take to build a MarTech solution?
  • New SaaS MVP: Generally, it takes about 8-10 weeks from the start.
  • Hybrid solutions with integrations: It would take 2 weeks to 8 weeks based on the complexity and integration needs.

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