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Social Commerce

What tools should be used for Facebook live streaming?

Some of the must-have tools for Facebook Live Streaming are:

  • OBS- Open Broadcaster Software
  • Laptop/Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Webcam and Microphones
  • Lighting

How can I build my brand for social commerce?

Some tactics that you should use to build your brand on social commerce are:  

  • Endorse your brand by collaborating with influencers  
  • Use live video streaming to engage with the audience  
  • Engage and converse via chatbots  
  • Use eye-catching promotional posts  
  • Ask for reviews and post them on your website and social media platform to leverage user-generated content

How can a startup business use Facebook live for best marketing?

A startup business can use Facebook live for best marketing:

  • Tutorial Videos
  • Live Sales
  • Collaborate with Influencers
  • Interview users or businesses
  • QnA Sessions
  • Use Facebook live video on other platforms
  • Paid Sponsorships

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What are different social commerce platforms?

Different Social Commerce Platforms that are currently in use are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat

What are the applications or platforms that can be used for live selling on social commerce platforms?

Platforms that can be used for live selling:

  • CommentSold
  • BeLive
  • Facebook Live
  • talkshoplive
  • Amazon Live

What is Social Commerce?

Social Commerce means selling products through social media platforms without redirecting customers to the store. This means, that all the activities like discovering the product, to buying the product, check out and payments all takes place on the social media platform.

What is the difference between social commerce and eCommerce?

The difference between Social Commerce and eCommerce is tabulated below:

What are the famous stores or brands using social commerce?

Some of the known brands who are using social commerce are:

  • Eureka Street Furniture integrated shoppable Instagram and UGC galleries on their website to leverage social commerce.  
  • MVMT Watches uses Pinterest as a part of social commerce to boost its conversion rate.
  • Tesco Malaysia used Facebook live to promote its New Year Collection in the January 2020.

What is the good internet speed for live streaming when you're selling live on social platforms?

The recommended minimum speed for livestreaming when you’re selling live on different social media platforms is:  

  • Facebook Live- 4-10 Mbps  
  • LinkedIn Live- 3-10 Mbps  
  • YouTube Live- 1-51 Mbps  
  • Instagram Live- 3 Mbps

What are the top Shopify apps for live selling?

Top Shopify Apps for Live Selling are:

How can I sell a product on Facebook without having a website?

You can sell using the Facebook shop option without having a website. To set up Facebook Shop, follow the given steps:  

  • Go to your Facebook Page  
  • In the left panel, click on “Templates and Tab”  
  • Now, under the Tab section, enable the “Shops” option  
  • Return to your Facebook page and click on the “Shop” option in the tab. A popup will appear, check the terms and conditions box and click on continue  
  • Click on “Message to buy” since you don’t have a website and click on continue  
  • Set up “currency” for payments, click on save, and your e-shop is ready  
  • Now, add products to your store. To add products- add name, price, description, and enable inventory and sharing this product on your page option and then click on Save.  
  • Repeat the same process to add more products and sort them into collections.

Your Facebook e-shop is ready!

How to upload a Facebook live video to YouTube?

To upload your Facebook Live video to YouTube, follow the given steps:  

Download from Facebook:  

  • Visit Facebook and Select the video that you want to upload on YouTube.  
  • Click on the video to play it  
  • Select the three given on the top right corner  
  • Click on the “Download video” option.  

Edit Video  

  • Edit your video and save it once editing is done.  

Uploading on YouTube  

  • Visit your YouTube Channel  
  • Select the video icon on the top bar and click on “Upload Video”  
  • Select the file you wish to upload.  
  • Add details like Video Title, video description, and thumbnail for your video. Once this is done, click on next.  
  • A video elements page will appear here,
  • “Add an end Screen” you can link to any of the videos which you want your user to see once they have watched your video.    
  • In “Add cards”, you can add up to 5 cards linking to videos you want your users to watch.  
  • On the Visibility page, select when you wish to publish this video. You can choose from the three options  
  • Private means it is only visible to you  
  • Unlisted means anyone with the video can watch your video  
  • Public means everyone can watch the video  
  • You can also schedule the time when you want this video to be published.  
  • Click on “Publish” to complete the uploading process.

How to create a poll on Facebook live?

To create a poll during your live stream on Facebook,  

  • Go to Facebook Live producer -> Polls  
  • Add your question  
  • Add option; you can add up to four options  
  • Click on “Create poll”, and it will be saved in the polling section  
  • It will only be published when you are live  
  • Once it is published, a pop up of the poll will appear on the screen of your viewers  
  • Click on the question to end the poll and see how many viewers voted for what option.