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Sustainable eCommerce Business

What are the benefits of sustainable business for my eCommerce Store?

Going green not only helps the planet but also helps your business. According to a report, 81% of consumers today prefer to buy from sustainable businesses. Making your eCommerce store more sustainable will improve your brand image, provide you a competitive edge and attract more customers. It also increases productivity and reduces costs.

What are some of the Shopify apps that help in building a sustainable business?

Some of the Shopify apps that boost your sales also helps in building a sustainable business are:

How can I make my eCommerce store more sustainable?

You can make your eCommerce store more sustainable using these tactics:

  • Use sustainable packaging to reduce waste
  • Offer Carbon Neutral Deliveries
  • Source low-impact raw materials
  • Measure, reduce and offset your Carbon Emissions

What is a sustainable eCommerce Business?

Sustainable business for eCommerce stores means carrying out the business activities in a manner that doesn’t affect the environment, society, or community as a whole in a negative way.