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We build easy-to-use and affordable web and mobile loyalty apps for businesses that make your customers
come back for more.

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What are loyalty apps?

The smart way to thank your customers

A loyalty app is a powerful digital tool that helps businesses to enhance connections with their customers and gather valuable insights about them. Loyalty apps, whether web, mobile, or both, are crafted to build loyalty – turning satisfied customers into devoted fans.
“Incredibly simple and easy to use app. Exactly what we were looking for.”
Nuala C.- Director, BrandFire
“Incredibly simple and easy to use app. Exactly what we were looking for.”
Nuala C.- Director, BrandFire
Why do businesses need a loyalty app?

Loyalty app boosts sales, strengthens brand.

Became loyal customers
As they could unlock exclusive benefits
Brand recommendation
Acquired  through effective
loyalty programs
Returning Customers
Tend to spend more than new customers
Do loyalty programs matter?

How do loyalty programs boost your business?

Think of loyalty programs as your business's secret ingredient, adding a dash of rewards and treats to create a winning recipe for customer satisfaction.

Retain customers
Businesses that offer loyalty programs keep 80% of customers, while those without retain only 35%.
Increase revenue
Loyalty programs boost revenue by encouraging repeat customers to spend more.
Generate referrals
Loyal customers refer more friends, and loyalty programs incentivize them.
Stand apart
Loyalty programs can help you stand out with unique rewards.
Collect customer data
Loyalty programs collect valuable customer data for tailored marketing.
Customer experience (CX)
Loyalty programs boost customer satisfaction by making customers feel valued.
Brand awareness
Loyalty programs help potential customers remember your business's name, boosting brand awareness.
Happy customers
Loyalty programs help you collect feedback to improve customer service and satisfaction.
Why choose us to build your loyalty software?

Create a Loyalty Program That Customers Love 

We build user-friendly loyalty apps at affordable prices. Our profound market understanding and expertise enable us to create an app that is the right solution for growing your business. Elevate your brand experience with us.

Brand Customization
Make the app yours – no coding. Customize it to match your style and brand, easy and hassle-free.
Pick Your Features
Choose the features you need, like vouchers, badges, a store finder, webshop links, and more.
Easy Content Updates
Manage your loyalty app's content effortlessly with our simple system. Add, edit, or delete content on the go, and launch or close campaigns with a snap.
Better Messaging
Connect with your customers through push notifications, messages, and emails for more engaging interactions.
Scan for Points
Your customers can earn points by scanning receipts, QR codes, and barcodes. Even physical loyalty cards can be seamlessly integrated.
Grow Seamlessly
We create an app that grows with your loyalty program. Whether you have a few or millions of customers, you can easily add more features to keep things fresh.
Quick Launch
Our streamlined app development process ensures efficiency. Get a budget-friendly loyalty software that is ready for your immediate launch.
Analytics Insights
Gain valuable insights into your loyalty program's performance and customer behavior through our analytics tools. Make informed decisions to optimize your strategy.
Multiple Location Support
Utilize your app to effortlessly share loyalty points/stamps across all your store locations. Your customers can redeem them at any of your branches.

Design Your Perfect Loyalty App

Web Loyalty App
Mobile Loyalty App
Access Anywhere
On-the-Go Benefits
Real-time Tracking
Personalized Offers
Exclusive Content
Push Notifications
Easy Sign-Up
Offline Use

Industry applications in focus

Web Loyalty Apps
Drive sales with web rewards for online shopping.
Attract travelers with web discounts and rewards.
Retail Stores
Engage shoppers via web orders and rewards.
Subscription Services
Keep subscribers with web rewards and choices.
 Enhance events via web ticketing and exclusives.
Mobile Loyalty Apps
Fitness Centers
Motivate members with a mobile app that rewards workouts.
Boost loyalty through a mobile app for easy orders and rewards.
Enhance experiences with mobile access to tickets and offers.
Clients can link via app for appointments and wellness rewards.
Grocery Stores
Improve loyalty with a mobile app for scanning, history, and discounts.
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Our tailored successful loyalty software solutions

Receipts and Rewards Web app
We built AldiFest, an engaging loyalty and rewards app for Aldi Ireland's 6,500+ stores, elevating customer experience at Electric Festival.
Learn how we did it
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Loyalty and Rewards Web and Mobile App
We crafted engaging mobile and web apps for Sanbra Fyffe, Ireland's plumbing leader, enhancing loyalty and product awareness.
Learn how we did it
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Referral and Viral Marketing Platform
We created a scalable B2C SaaS referral platform, empowering marketers with lead capture, agility, and market-driven innovation.
Learn how we did it
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Frequently Asked Questions

Insights into our loyalty app development inquiries

What is loyalty app?

A loyalty app is a digital platform that allows customers to earn rewards for making purchases at a participating business.It could be a web or mobile app or both based on the business requirements.

How to build customer loyalty online?

Boost online customer loyalty by creating a loyalty app through strategic loyalty app development. Develop a compelling loyalty program that resonates with your audience, offering incentives and personalized rewards. Regularly engage customers with exclusive offers and analyze the program's impact to fine-tune your approach. Elevate customer loyalty through innovative solutions and seamless online experiences.

How much does it cost to build a loyalty app?

The cost to create a loyalty app or rewards app can vary based on the complexity of its features. A basic rewards app may typically range between $10,000 and $20,000. If you're considering an intermediate rewards app with more functionalities, the cost could fall within the range of $20,000 to $60,000. To create a loyalty app with advanced features and customization, the cost might exceed $60,000. These estimated price ranges provide a general overview of the potential expenses to create a loyalty app tailored to your specific requirements.

Are loyalty programs effective?

Loyalty programs have shown notable effectiveness, boosting brand preference, encouraging regular purchases, and driving higher spending among members. This highlights their potential to foster enduring customer loyalty and make them a valuable strategy for businesses.

How to create a customer loyalty program?

To increase customer loyalty, consider implementing a well-structured loyalty program. Begin with loyalty app development, especially useful for small businesses. Such apps enable seamless management and engagement. Start by defining your program's objectives, whether it's rewarding repeat purchases, referrals, or social media engagement. Design a points or rewards system that resonates with your customer base. Communicate the program effectively through various channels. Regularly analyze the program's effectiveness and gather feedback for improvements. Combining the right strategies, a loyalty app for small businesses can be a powerful tool to enhance customer loyalty and drive business growth.

Can loyalty programs increase customer loyalty?

Absolutely, loyalty programs have demonstrated their ability to increase and improve customer loyalty effectively. By utilizing strategies like implementing customer loyalty program software, companies can establish a strong bond with their customers. These programs not only incentivize repeat purchases but also create a sense of belonging and appreciation. As a result, customers are more likely to engage frequently, spend more, and remain loyal, showcasing the substantial impact and value of loyalty initiatives in cultivating enduring customer relationships.

What is an example of a customer loyalty program app?

Aldi Fest is a customer loyalty software developed by RaftLabs for Aldi Ireland. Creating a loyalty software allows users to earn points for making purchases at Aldi stores, which can then be redeemed for rewards such as discounts, vouchers, and festival tickets.

The Aldifest loyalty app also includes features such as:

Receipt scanning: Users can scan their receipts in the app to earn points.

Rewards catalog: Users can browse the rewards catalog and redeem their points for discounts, vouchers, and festival tickets.

Notifications: Users can receive notifications about new rewards, promotions, and events.

Personalisation: Users can personalize their app experience by adding their favorite products and stores. Find out more successful loyalty apps run by businesses here.

How to build customer loyalty in retail?

To increase customer loyalty in retail, consider creating a loyalty app. This dedicated tool can facilitate seamless interaction and engagement with your brand. Design the app to offer rewards, exclusive offers, and personalized experiences to your customers. Implement a well-structured loyalty program that resonates with your target audience, encouraging repeat purchases and engagement. Regularly analyze the app's effectiveness and gather customer feedback for continuous improvement. By developing a user-friendly loyalty app, you can effectively enhance customer loyalty and create lasting connections with your retail audience. Contact us for top-tier loyalty app development at the best budget.

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