MVP Development

Build your first product version right to delight your early adopters.

Creating the right MVP is the foundation for success for most software businesses. Let us help you go from zero to first version of web or mobile app in weeks.

Receipts and Rewards Web app
"The whole app development was just seamless. From start to finish, the team did a great job.
Hybrid remote working app
“Last 6 months have been tiring yet fruitful with experimenting an innovative way of work model for employee engagement and enterprise productivity. Thanks to RL Remotely team.”
Learning and Engagement App
“Team truly embodies problem solving attitude. This attitude delivered rich dividends for me as on multiple occasions. During course of my career I have engaged with multiple IT professionals. What differed in my engagement with this team was his effort to explain me the IT terminologies/processes in such a simple manner that I was never bogged down by indecipherable terms.”
Why build an MVP?

Accelerated product launch with personalized development strategy.

Projects completed in the last 14 months.
Expertise-driven MVP scaling services to provide full-fledged products.
Weeks- the maximum time to launch an MVP.
Turn your innovative idea into a successful MVP

Benefits of MVP software development services.

We help you test and validate your product’s business potential by creating an MVP for early users that will help build a delightful final product.
Our development team thus makes your product launch journey a less risky and highly successful event.

Focus & Clarity
Develop the right product with the necessary basic features that streamline your business process by focusing on the product’s core functionality, thereby giving a clear idea about the enhancements to be made on the final product.
Quicker Release
Our team helps you release your product by incorporating essential features for early adopters faster than your business competitors, which can build your customer base in the early stage.
Validate Ideas
MVP software testing offers you valuable insights into market viability and profit potential and thus helps you determine the feasibility of your idea at a lower budget rate and lesser time.
Our MVP Development Approach

Meet the modern MVP development concepts.

Through our step-by-step process, we build a minimum viable product that is strong enough to profitably introduce your concept to the market.

We analyze and gather insights for prioritizing requirements, identifying blockages, and planning resources that will serve as the base for the economic development strategy of MVP. We closely work with you to get approval for wireframes and review the early-stage specifications.
UX/UI Design
Simple and intuitive product design never fails to arrest the target audience's attention. Our designers create designs that align with your product strategy and business goals, ensuring more effortless and engaging interactions with the MVP version for the users.
Computer and smartphone.
We can develop robust solutions for building the MVPs by using the agile methodology that follows the idea of ​​an iterative process based on user feedback. Choosing the right tech stack combined with the latest development techniques delivers the best outcomes while minimizing the possibility of error.
The testing stage begins before the actual product hits the market. It aids the business owners in measuring the market interest and potential profits. The best part of MVP development is that you can test your product's value and feasibility at a lesser cost in less time.
We ensure the quality and stability of the finished MVP, perform all the final preparations for running the product and launch it targeting the buyer personas of the early adopters. Hence, you can test your ideas in real and check whether the product meets your expectations.
Full Feature Development
After gathering sufficient feedback regarding the experience of early users of the MVP, our team works towards the full-scale development of the product. We improve the quality of the features to make the final product more lovable and enjoyable, after which we perform the testing process again.
The Perfect Stack For Powering Your MVP

Turn your business idea into reality with a successful MVP

Industry verticals we serve: 
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Media and Communication (Live and On-demand audio/video apps)
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Digital Commerce (Social Commerce, Shopify & Marketplace)
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Marketing Tech (Loyalty & Engagement apps, Viral marketing platforms)
React.js - Frontend Web Development Framework by Facebook.
Next.js - The React Framework by Vercel.
Nest.js - A progressive Node.js framework.
Hasura - GraphQL Engine for APIs
Redis database cache.
Amazon Web Services Lambda for server-less computing platform provided by Amazon.
AWS Lambda
Firebase for easy user authentication by Google.
Docker for containerising web applications suitable for various hosting services.
Tailwind CSS
Node JS
Flutter - Build Apps for any screen - App development framework by Google.
Our Work

Projects that started with an idea like yours

TikTok Style Social Commerce Mobile App
Our team developed a mobile app and web based platform that leverages an automated agent to enable real-time collaboration among creators, brands, and users, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue for all parties involved. Through this platform, brands can effectively market and sell their products while users are incentivized with tokens as a form of reward.
Learn how we did it
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Mobile App For Events, Membership Clubs, And Communities
We rolled out a mobile app for events, membership clubs, and communities for organizing conferences, events, meetings, and conventions.
Learn how we did it
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

What is the cost and time frame of developing an MVP application at RaftLabs?

Time: Development time varies based on the complexity of the product and the solution approach required. However, we help you break down your products into phases so that you can hit the market faster. We generally go from zero to launch (this includes design, development, and testing) into a 12-14 weeks cycle. We’ve done this for several web/mobile app platforms. Read our case studies to know how.  

Cost: Pricing is based on the estimated number of days (hours) required for building the product. Most web/mobile apps with standard features along with costs from USD  

Here are estimates for projects in the different categories:

  • Small projects (a web/mobile app with 4-5 key features, not counting static content or sign-in): US$ 10-25k
  • Middle-sized projects (a web/mobile app with 6-9 key features, not counting static content or sign-in): US$ 25-50K
  • Big projects (a web/mobile with 10-15 key features, not counting static content or sign-in): from US$ 50K

To get more precise information about costs, please set up a free consultation call or email us at:

Before beginning a project, do you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, at RaftLabs, we sign a non-disclosure agreement before beginning a project to safeguard the information of our clients.

Why is it good for startups to outsource their MVP development?

Outsourcing is often the most excellent choice for idea-driven startups with low investment ideas. It helps business owners avoid the extra expenses of hiring an in-house development team. Entrepreneurs can save time and money on technical research, advice, and decision-making by choosing a good MVP development company. Furthermore, having access to experts with experience and expertise can provide companies with better results.

Are MVPs intended for start-ups rather than established businesses?

No, that is not true. Well-established business firms frequently use this approach when they build new IT infrastructure from scratch. Large organizations usually use many MVPs for their various projects.

I am not a technical person. Can I still understand what will happen during the MVP development?

Our project managers will explain the development details from a layman's perspective and help you communicate with the developers. So you don't need to have a tech background.

What technologies do you have expertise in?

We mainly specialize in:

  • Web and mobile applications development
  • Cloud computing and Cloud migration
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies for audio transcription, text extraction, audio and video processing

Let's Build Great Products Together.