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Scalable and business ready SaaS web and mobile apps in weeks.

We help you design, build and launch scalable SaaS web and mobile applications.

Voice chat web app for scalable decision making
"What distinguished RaftLabs from other providers was their fantastic ability to build real-time engagement-based products. We wanted to build a platform that was partly a social media channel and partly like Zoom where people could interact with each other in real-time, and they did an awesome job doing that. "
Online Food Ordering Platform
“Guests can directly order from their phone. Complete contactless. Plus save us on staff required to take the orders. Everything stays digital so we know who our guests are.”
Hybrid remote working app
“Last 6 months have been tiring yet fruitful with experimenting an innovative way of work model for employee engagement and enterprise productivity. Thanks to RL Remotely team.”
Why Us?

Product mindset in everything we do.

SaaS App Development
Projects successfully completed in the last 14 months.
Scale Ready Projects
Built with a native cloud approach from day one.
Weeks (Zero to Launch)
Rapidly developed and launched most SaaS apps.
Build A Successful SaaS App From an Idea

Our SaaS app development services

We offer secure and scalable solutions for building, launching, or scaling cutting-edge SaaS web and mobile app products with delightful UI/UX design. Our enthusiastic SaaS development team will help you find the right SaaS solution with an end-to-end subscription model for your business.

Scalable & Reliable
Our SaaS development services accelerate business growth by delivering a highly scalable SaaS application with uncompromised performance and reliability.

Easy Integration
Our easy-to-deploy SaaS integration solutions seamlessly connect the new SaaS apps with your existing business smoothly without hindering the ongoing services.
Amplified Safety & Security
Our team of experts ensures that we provide a secure environment for running the SaaS apps smoothly and keeping all the data safe.
 Our SaaS Development Approach

Let's go from zero to one.

Our systematic SaaS web and mobile app development approach results in building software products that deliver maximum customer lifetime value and generate more revenue for your business.

Discovery Phase
First, our app developers analyze your SaaS idea thoroughly to transform it into a practical product concept. Then we prepare a clear app development roadmap and calculate the TCO estimate & ROI. We make sure that the proposed web and mobile app solution aligns perfectly with your business goals.
UX/UI Design
Our skilled creative designers conduct detailed SaaS UX research to study the feasibility of the new SaaS app and conduct UX audits to gather insights into the performance of an existing product. It helps us to craft responsive UI designs with intuitive navigation, well-functioning search, easy sign-up, etc.
Computer and smartphone.
Application Consulting
We discuss and research to find the suitable methodology and technology to develop a custom SaaS app that suits your requirements. This method helps our app developers to deliver innovative SaaS apps in the market.
Multi-Tenant Architecture
Our SaaS app development services encompass the design and construction of easily scalable multi-tenant architectures that can efficiently serve multiple tenants. The architecture will ensure robust performance even during peak loads and facilitates seamless updates.
MVP Development
Our professional software SaaS development team builds your high-quality custom SaaS software with enterprise-quality coding and creative UX / UI that meets the best industry standards. We also confirm that your SaaS platform is scalable, manageable, and secure.
QA Testing & Validation
Before the final release, we carry out the QA testing and validation activities to ensure the quality of the SaaS app. The testing validates SaaS apps based on a particular business workflow and checks whether the software can meet the KPI metrics.
Monitoring & Maintenance
We provide end-to-end support for your SaaS application. Our application maintenance services guarantee that your platform runs with the updated SaaS software during each OS release.
Cloud Migration Services
Our team of experts helps your business migrate on-premise legacy applications to a cloud-based SaaS environment by pursuing a data-driven approach. We also help migrate your SaaS app to a different cloud service provider.
API Development
As part of our comprehensive SaaS app development services, we specialize in designing, building, and implementing robust, scalable, and secure APIs for your SaaS product. It aids in enhancing the overall functionality and creating the best workflow management.
Most suitable technology stack for SaaS development

SaaS Development: Modern Tech Stack for Scalable Solutions

Types of SaaS applications we build:
Check mark.
Media and Communication (Live and On-demand audio/video apps)
Check mark.
Digital Commerce (Social Commerce, Shopify & Marketplace)
Check mark.
Marketing Tech (Loyalty & Engagement apps, Viral marketing platforms)
React.js - Frontend Web Development Framework by Facebook.
Next.js - The React Framework by Vercel.
Nest.js - A progressive Node.js framework.
Hasura - GraphQL Engine for APIs
Redis database cache.
Amazon Web Services Lambda for server-less computing platform provided by Amazon.
AWS Lambda
Firebase for easy user authentication by Google.
Docker for containerising web applications suitable for various hosting services.
Tailwind CSS
Node JS
Flutter - Build Apps for any screen - App development framework by Google.
Our Work

Projects that started with an idea like yours

Centralised App For Food Order Management
Gula streamlines food order management in Indonesia by consolidating orders from multiple delivery partners for restaurants to increase sales, manage operations, and update menus in one place.
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Voice Chat Web App For Scalable Decision Making
Learn how in 14 weeks, we built and launched a highly scalable and engaging web-based audio platform that enables scalable decision-making for civic participation, corporations, and institutions.
Learn how we did it
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

How much does SaaS app development cost at RaftLabs and how long will it take?

Time: SaaS app development time varies based on the complexity of the product and the solution approach required. However, we help you break down your products into phases so that you can hit the market faster. We generally go from zero to launch (this includes design, development, and testing) into a 12-14 weeks cycle. We’ve done this for several SaaS web/ mobile app platforms. Read our case studies to know how. 

Cost: Pricing is based on the estimated number of days (hours) required for app development. Most web/ mobile apps with standard features along with costs from USD, are given below :

Here are estimates for projects in the different categories:

  • Small projects (a web/ mobile app with 4-5 key features, not counting static content or sign in): US$ 10-25k
  • Middle-sized projects (a web/ mobile app with 6-9 key features, not counting static content or sign in): US$ 25-50K
  • Big projects (a web/ mobile with 10-15 key features, not counting static content or sign in): from US$ 50K

To get more precise information about costs, please set up a free consultation call or email us at:

Do I have complete ownership of my SaaS project? If so, will RaftLabs provide the documentation?

Yes, you can have complete ownership of your app development project. In addition, we provide you with the documentation, source code, intellectual property rights, etc.

Why should I choose RaftLabs for SaaS development?
  • Product Mindset - We are obsessed with web and mobile app software products. We believe in faster go-to-market, user-centric designs, system thinking, and value delivery in each step.
  • Focus - We play by our strengths in building custom software solutions (web/ mobile app) in media, marketing tech, and modern commerce. Our focus helps us to get better with every iteration.
  • Founders-led approach -  We, as founders, work hand in hand with you, focusing on the problems. We consult with innovative techniques.
  • Transparent pricing - We focus on your needs and find ways to optimize the overall costs. We are flexible, provide a complete breakdown of the efforts and work at reasonable prices. Our sales team will make a rough estimation of your project for free.
  • Full-service coverage - We work with you on various stages of software development. Starting from the product discovery phase, design, development, QA, and DevOps support and maintenance for our clients.
  • Process approach - We believe in Agile development with bi-weekly sprints. We catch up once or twice a week as a team with you to go over the project's progress. We will work with you as one team with ongoing communication via Slack channels and Asana. We are open to critical inputs and feedback to improvise outcomes.

Hence, RaftLabs is one of the best companies for SaaS development, providing services in Ireland, the US, the UK, and India. We offer a compelling blend of expertise, a product-oriented mindset, transparent pricing, and a collaborative app development approach.

What kind of SaaS apps have we built?
  • We have developed a wide range of products that have been effectively delivered to our clients, including:
  • SaaS platforms for real-time audio/video communication and engagement for the workplace that replaces Slack, Zoom, and MS Teams.
  • SaaS audio chat web and mobile apps like Clubhouse/ Twitter space and survey apps.
  • Custom software for building OTT live and on-demand video workflows for web, mobile apps, and STBs (set-top boxes).
  • Custom web and mobile app platforms through Telehealth in healthcare solutions.
  • Building massive scale loyalty web and mobile apps for global brands.
  • Referral marketing platforms for tech and non-tech industries.
  • Live video commerce for engaging with social media audiences for growing DTC brands.

Let's Build Great Products Together.