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Online Video Maker Platform To Create Marketing Videos

Easy to use B2C SaaS online video editor web platform for creating engaging marketing videos. Pick a template, edit, process and distribute videos on the fly.

Building online video maker platform - B2C
Project Type
Video Streaming, Video Editing
3 Months
Marketing Tech
Responsive Web App

Business Objectives

Client agency is a leading digital marketing agency working with small and medium businesses. Primarily enabling HVACs, food businesses, contractors, hardware stores to market themselves aggressively on social media. Their goal was to build a video marketing platform that any mom-and-pop shop business owner can use. An online video maker platform lets them pick video templates, modify them, brand them, and make them ready for use.

Online web based video and image editor
Ease of use
To build an easy-to-use and simple web based video editor platform for non-tech user.
Scale Readiness
System should be able to manage the concurrent video processing traffic. It should deliver video outputs in seconds and minutes.
Build system with future flexibility in mind as system will go through constant evolution.

Project Development Considerations

Tech Stack Used

Amazon Web Services
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We used React + Next.JS for front-end and serverless AWS lambda services for real-time video processing. React enabled us to make use of open-source editor components and iterate faster. We could open the system for beta users in about 8 weeks from the start.

The video maker platform was loved by the users. Template options with the simple rich editor were the most liked feature. The responsive web app experience was super helpful. No app installs, no learning curve, no cumbersome processes. The ability to save the output videos on dropbox, google drive, or their own amazon S3 service enabled the users to never lose what they had created.




Video Templates

“It was incredibly simple and easy to use. While other products like charges massive fees, this is worth every penny. “

Charles E ,Product – End user

“Team did a great job. They used the pieces from the previous system saving us time and money. The new user experience and speed was incredible. Much appreciated”

Jamie O ,Client
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