An OTT Video Streaming Platform

Weekly movie release distribution platform for 4000 small screen theatre subscribers with advanced analytics and billing mechanism.

Build your own OTT Video Streaming Platform for Android STB
ULT Movies, India
Project Type
On demand video streaming
18 weeks
Android STB Apps and Admin Web App

Business Objectives

India’s one of the leading movie rights distributors wanted to build a highly scalable OTT platform for movie theaters and individuals. For remotely distributed small screen theatres, the goal was to create a robust, secure and scalable movie distribution platform which should be managed using a simple web admin. Movies were supposed to be distributed to custom Android STB(set-top boxes) on weekly basis.

Build your own OTT Video Streaming Platform for Android STB and custom android apps
Content security was the key to everything.
OTT web admin panel for video upload, transcode, DRM and distribution
The system should work in all network conditions.
OTT streaming platform for custom Android Set top boxes
Custom Apps
Build highly orchestrated custom Android apps for STBs.

Project Development Considerations

Key Features

Admin Area

A simple easy to use admin area from which studio admins can upload their insecure HD content. The system will transcode that HD content, encrypt it, add a watermark and make the content available for remote distribution.

Video distribution platform

Highly sophisticated video distribution and bespoke media workflow platform built using a combination of AWS cloud services.

  • Amazon S3
  • Elastic Transcoder
  • Cloudfront
  • Custom Encryption Server
  • Serverless Lambda

Android Apps

Custom Android STB app that automated the whole process of media downloading, avoiding network failures, show planning and presenting. This enabled small screen owners to run shows without any hassle.

Tech Stack Used

SQL server
Amazon Web Services
Android Studio
Microsoft .Net
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Our team built a highly scalable cloud-based video capture, processing, securing and distribution platform for movie delivery. For custom Android set-top boxes, we built multiple utilities and front end apps that helped us overcome issues related to networks and performance.

Reduced Network and infrastructure costs
More than STBs in a single screen.

“Made our life much easier. The box kept running. We literally had to do nothing but ensure internet is available.”

Raj Senthil,Movie theatre Owner

“Team did a great job. The whole complexity was gone. For us, it was just few clicks and we had our content delivered. “

Ashish B,Digital Streaming Head

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