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Engagement & Training app for Employees

We built a system to enable 5000+ front line employees aligned with the mission of a healthcare company through engaging activities, communication updates, and ongoing learning tracks. Learn how we did it.

Building Mobile apps for engagement and training of enterprise employees
Eris Lifesciences, India
Project Type
Communication, Video Streaming
18 weeks
iPad Apps and Web admin

Business Objectives

"Keep distributed field and non-field employees updated, in real-time. Build a system that engages and trains them on the go. All this in a way that is fun, easy and secured manner. " - This was the brief shared by Eris. India's one of the fast-growing healthcare companies. We divided these into 3 key goals.

iPad app preview of the employee video communication and engagement
Ease of use
To build an easy-to-use and engaging web and mobile app system for every type of user.
Web app for the HR admins for building learning and development courses
On the go
Everything has to be carried out with a mobile-first experience. It should work in both online and offline modes seamlessly.
iPad app preview of the video calls and communication between the employees
Video Communication
With video communication, learning and development at its core, the system has to provide a rich media experience to the user to stay engaged.

Project Development Considerations

  • Use of iOS design guidelines to keep the user experience simple and consistent.  
  • Built custom WebRTC infrastructure for secure video communication.  
  • Used multiple AWS services for media storage, processing and large scale distribution.  
  • Use of iPad based data store to manage all the learning content in offline mode.  
  • Built utility apps that allowed continuous data sync between the device and server.

Key Features

Tech Stack Used

Amazon Web Services
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Our team developed an engaging iPad app adopting the experience from top learning-centric consumer apps. The app was an immediate success within the enterprise.

The latest HR updates saved a lot of time for HR teams. The ability to learn on the go with offline mode changed the learning dynamics within the company. The frontline employees were now completing assigned learnings tracks faster than before.

The two-way real-time video calls and recorded video capture features were loved by the field staff. It helped them capture their field reports and updates with ease.

active users with 29 mins spent avg. every day
of total employees were able to complete atleast 1 course in a month
of courses were completed on time
HR related queries went down within 3 months of this launch

“It was incredibly easy to use. Offline mode was great. We could view content when we’re at away from good connectivity. Loved all the aspects of it. “

Ronak P,Field based employee, actual user

“It was everything rolled into one, seamlessly. We couldn’t be more happier than this. Our teams literally saved tonnes of time and ensure everyone is aligned almost in real time. “

Saurabh S, VP Technology, Eris LifeSciences
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