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Centralised App For Food Order Management

Gula- An app for effortlessly managing multiple online food delivery platforms

Gula online food order management app
Project Type
Product Development - Web and Tablet App
16 weeks
Food and Beverages Sector / Hospitality
Web and Tablet App

Business Objectives

Gula revolutionizes restaurant operations with real-time analytics, streamlining food delivery app management and facilitating informed decision-making for unparalleled success.

Gula app screen
Effortless management
Streamlining your top food ordering platforms in one place, saving time and effort during peak hours and on the go.
Efficient operations
Empowers restaurants with optimized operational efficiency, accurate data, and powerful features to maximize revenue and take your business to the next level.
Performance Dashboard
Say goodbye to multiple devices and accounts. With Gula, save time by managing live food delivery orders from all your brands, locations, and delivery platforms from a single device and account.

Project Development Considerations

The food ordering app project focuses on analytics and data management for food orders, restaurants, and integrations. The app dashboard provides real-time food order management from connected delivery partners.

  • Seamless Integration: Experience real-time integration of online orders in Indonesia with leading partners such as GoFood, GrabFood, Shopee Food, and AirAsia Food. Easily import and manage your menu items and eliminate the need for managing multiple devices or switching between apps.
  • Error-free Fulfillment: Efficiently manage all food delivery partners with a single kitchen printer, receiving quick and accurate receipts that include both order and consumer information. This minimizes errors and improves efficiency.
  • Powerful Insights: The app provides comprehensive insights to help restaurants manage online growth and profitability. The single dashboard view and store-level data allow for easily identifying revenue-driving factors and improved staffing projections.

Tech Stack Used

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The ultimate solution to efficiently manage your food delivery platforms, optimize your operations, and multiply your ROI. In just 16 weeks, we built a tablet and web-based admin control app that delivers a truly streamlined experience for managing all your online food delivery partners in one place.

16 weeks

to launch MVP version

USD 2500+

generated during initial launch phase

"Thanks to Gula, my restaurant's operations have never been smoother! Managing orders from different platforms was always a headache, but Gula's all-in-one app has completely changed the game."

Sara, Restaurant Owner

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