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Loyalty and Rewards Web and Mobile App

Engaging and delightful loyalty and rewards mobile app and web app for Ireland’s leading plumbing supplies company.

Loyalty and Rewards Mobile App - UX
Project Type
Loyalty, Rewards, Mobile App
14 Weeks
Customer Loyalty and Inbound Marketing
Web, iOS, Android Mobile App

Business Objectives

Sanbra Fyffe, Ireland's leading plumbing supplies company, aimed to keep their customers hooked with an exclusive loyalty and rewards program. The challenge was to create a cutting-edge mobile app that informs customers about upcoming products and provides a delightful user experience to encourage customer retention!

Loyalty and Rewards Mobile App Screens - Programs, Competitions
Ease of use
Build an easy-to-use responsive web and mobile apps that allow customers to upload the product purchase receipts in single click.
Real time updates
Powerful CMS that allows admin to share updates on the upcoming competitions, winners to keep the end customers engaged
Powerful Analytics:
Admin should be able to review all the information about the customers like product purchase receipts, store locations, membership tiers etc in real time

Project Development Considerations

Simple and intuitive design with scalable cloud capabilities would be the key to the successful implementation of this project. 

  • Intuitive Design : Building highly simple yet intuitive design was crucial for the success of this project. Membership programs, upcoming competitions, loyalty program winners and more capabilities were presented in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the end customers. 
  • Bulk Upload : Point your camera at receipt and upload. Uploading product purchase receipts was the core. It had to be the most easily accessible area. 
  • Personalized Notifications: Admin’s ability to reach out to users with personalized messaging and updates allows better user retention.

Tech Stack Used

Amazon Web Services
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In 14 weeks, the app was launched on the iOS and Android store. Our agile iterations and constant inputs from clients helped us to build out the loyalty and rewards web and mobile app experience that was a success right on launch. 

14 weeks

From zero to launch


Product purchase receipts in first month

"Incredibly simple and easy to use app. Exactly what we were looking for. "

Nuala C.- Director, BrandFire

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