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Mobile App For Events, Membership Clubs, And Communities

SaaS Platform - web and mobile app for managing events, membership clubs, & communities.

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Project Type
Product Development - Android and iPhone App
20 weeks
Entertainment and Events
Mobile App

Business Objectives

The project goal was to create an app to assist conference planners, event organizers, corporate meeting planners, and independent planners in organizing their conferences, events, meetings, and conventions. The overall plan was to create an intuitive SaaS application that lets organizers and planners control content in real-time.

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Ease of use
Develop a simple application with features like peer-to-peer networking, automated reminders, and real-time chat service.
Engaging Sessions
Each session should have different presenters, venues, levels, tags, etc., to make it more lively, and the members should be able to share files, videos, external forms, and links.
Access Control
The administrator must have the ability to have complete control over the app, and for their conferences and events, they have the option to restrict access to specific members.

Project Development Considerations

Simple and attractive design with a dynamic backend system that provides complete control to the administrator and has the appropriate features to make each session engaging.

  • Attractive and Intuitive Design: A simple-to-use app with accessible navigation features was crucial for the success of this project. 
  • Offline Usage : The app should work seamlessly in low network connectivity and offline scenarios. 
  • 3rd Party Integrations : The platform should connect easily with 3rd party services like ticketing platforms, mail services, SMS services, and other existing membership portals / CMS.

Tech Stack Used

Amazon Web Services
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Within 20 weeks, we could release the app effectively. We created an event management mobile app that was a success from the very first agile iteration, thanks to our agile development process and ongoing client ideas.

20 weeks

to launch the app

50k users

started using in the first 6 months of launch

I want to thank the guys from EventRaft. If you organize an event, check them out. 1st class support, you talk to passionate techies not sales. App rocks: runs smoothly, offline & does what is needed. Reasonable pricing too.

Tobias Weltner, ISESteroids,, PowerShell trainings & consultant

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