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Mobile Point Of Sale (POS) App

Mobile phone app-based POS that allows small business owners, salespeople, freelancers, and event organizers to accept payments through various methods, including tap and pay, links, and QR codes.

TigerPay Mobile POS App
Project Type
Design and Development - Web and Mobile App
16 weeks
FinTech, Commerce
Mobile App

Business Objectives

The project aims to address the challenges faced by merchants in the remote areas of the UAE with limited access to traditional payment methods by offering a mobile app solution that provides multiple payment modes and allows easy acceptance of payments without a physical terminal.

In person card payments with smartphone
Multiple Modes
The app enables merchants to accept payments quickly and easily through multiple ways, such as card, link, QR, and tap & pay, without requiring any physical payment terminal.
Zero Hardware Costs
No extra gadgets are required! Merchants simply need their smartphone - download the TigerPay app and get started.
Safe and Secure
The app prioritizes your security and provides a transparent payment experience, free from any hidden charges.

Project Development Considerations

The primary focus during TigerPay's development was simplifying payment acceptance for small businesses. The mPOS app should have a user-friendly interface and offer multiple payment modes such as tap & pay, link-based payments, and QR code scanning.

  • Virtual mPOS: Merchants are able to accept card payments on-the-go by utilizing their smartphones as a virtual point-of-sale (POS) terminal, providing a convenient and mobile payment option.
  • In-Person Payments: With the cutting-edge “tap and pay” feature, merchants can conveniently accept card payments on-the-go, providing a fast and easy payment option for customers. 
  • Powerful Reporting Tools: TigerPay's reporting tools offer transaction history and analytics, providing insights for better business operations. Merchants can access detailed transaction records to make informed decisions about their sales strategies.

Tech Stack Used

AWS Lambda
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TigerPay's fast and easy payment processing without physical terminals makes it ideal for remote transactions. We launched the contactless payment app with multi-mode transaction, dispute, and refund management in only 16 weeks. Now say goodbye to clunky hardware and scale up your business with hassle-free secure transactions anytime, anywhere, with in-person card payments from your smartphone.

16 weeks

to deliver app

150+ merchants

onboarded within 8 weeks of launch

“TigerPay enabled us to provide cashless payments on delivery orders. The best part was that we didn't had to pay anything upfront, whereas all the banks were charging us hefty upfront fees for a POS.”

William Glenn, Senior Manager

“We wanted our drivers to accept cashless payments, but that requires a significant investment on POS terminal hardware. With TigerPay, our drivers can just download an app and accept tap payments”

SARAH DMRITI, Operations Manager
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