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Receipts and Rewards Web app

AldiFest - Engaging and delightful receipts and rewards web app for Aldi Ireland.

Receipts and Rewards Web app
BrandFire, Ireland
Project Type
Product Development - Web App
14 weeks
Enterprise, Retail, Consumers
Web App

Business Objectives

Europe’s leading supermarket chain - Aldi wanted to roll out a receipt and rewards program for their customers in Ireland. For the top upcoming Electric Festival in Ireland, Aldi wanted to roll out an engaging rewards platform. The brief was to keep it easy, delightful and engaging enough for non-technical people to use this web app.

Receipts and Rewards Web app Screens - User Dashboard
Ease of use
Build an easy-to-use responsive web and mobile apps that allow customers to upload the product purchase receipts in single click.
Receipts and Rewards Web app Screens - Upload Receipt
Real time updates
Powerful CMS that allows admin to share updates on the upcoming competitions, winners to keep the end customers engaged.
Receipts and Rewards Web app Screens - Winners
Admin should be able to review all the information about the customers like product purchase receipts, store locations, membership tiers etc in real time.

Project Development Considerations

Simple and intuitive web platform with scalable cloud capabilities to ensure it’s easy to use, scales with massive marketing campaigns and helps with right data metrics.

Intuitive and Responsive Design : Building highly simple yet intuitive design was crucial for the success of this project. One step login with the ability to upload receipt would minimize the friction and allow users to engage with the platform.. 

Powerful Admin Control : Admin panel with all the real time data points on processed receipts, tagging users, picking up random winners and notifying them. 

‍Personalized Notifications: Admin’s ability to reach out to users with personalized messaging and updates allows better user retention.

Key Features

Tech Stack Used

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Cloud readiness and focussed scrum iterations helped us put a product together in less than 14 weeks which was ready for massive user scale.

14 weeks
Zero to first version launch
2000 Users
More than 2000 users signed up in the first week of launch with 5000 receipts uploaded

“The whole app development was just seamless. From start to finish, the team did a great job. "

Nuala C. BrandFire

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