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Referral and Viral Marketing Platform

Learn how we built a highly scalable, robust and cost-effective B2C SaaS referral and viral marketing platform. It captures leads for individual marketers, agencies and businesses to grow their traffic, sales and leads.

building saas referral and viral marketing platform app on web and mobile
Digital Marketing Agency
Project Type
Design & Development - Web App
14 weeks
Marketing Tech
Web App

Business Objectives

Clients were driven by the vision to build a scalable, robust and intuitive lead capturing system that evolves with changing digital marketing spectrum.They were looking for a team with a proven B2C SaaS background. A full stack development team that can quickly get to work and improvise on the market feedback to deliver an impeccable responsive web application within the stipulated time frame and budget constraints.This is where the RaftLabs team came in.

Embedded lead capture forms for viral marketing campaign
Ease of use
To build an easy-to-use platform that gives marketers complete flexibility on design and branding.
Embedded viral give away campaign form preview for gym
Scale Readiness
To build a robust platform that can scale up to thousands of users if campaigns go viral.
Admin web app for lead capture, viral campaign with custom campaign web based editors
To build a platform that can easily be integrated with existing marketing SaaS platforms.

Project Development Considerations

Our team conducted these things upfront so that the product can scale and meet the future needs.

Everything was API-based for system interoperability and integration with 3rd party systems like Facebook, Twitter, Zapier and autoresponders like mailchimp, mailerlite etc.

Utilized scalable cloud infrastructure to make sure that the system can scale up and down based on the traffic demands.

Used most proven UI libraries to ensure marketers get the flexibility they need to create beautiful forms which works well on all devices.

Employed proactive fraud detection mechanism that alerts the system and users.

Deployed a scalable and configurable web server with on-the-fly security configurations for advanced marketers.

Key Features

Tech Stack Used

Amazon Web Service
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We were able to launch the product in the market for viral growth marketers right on time.  Our agile iterations and constant feedback from clients helped us to roll out product with limited challenges.

System was ready with out of the box features like:

  • Comprehensive Reward System
  • Automated Campaign Management
  • Customized Email Templates
  • Viral Funnel Designer
  • Embeddable Campaigns

weeks to deliver app
3rd party apps integrations
B2B customer accounts
leads captured in week 1
page impressions in week 1
fraud attempts avoided

"Their ability to understand the product from the business perspective was impressive. Part of the reason for that was that both the co-founders of RaftLabs are Entrepreneurs at heart."

Neil S, Co-founder, Grow Viral

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