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Trivia Games for Employees

Highly engaging mobile app game for employees to know more about the company while having fun.

Workplace games for employees engagement app preview
Project Type
16 weeks
Engagement and Communication
Mobile Apps

Business Objectives

Goal was to create a trivia game for employees so they learn more about the company, products, company's history, vision etc. along with having fun. The game was to be played by 5000+ employees across multiple departments and roles.

Workplace games for employees engagement
Super engaging
App has to have a fun design and highly responsive to keep users engaged.
Trivia games for employees engagement
The app should be modular to undergo ongoing changes based on the learnings.
Web admin panel to deliver learning based employee engagement experience
Media Rich
Highly scalable app with varied media types support like games, intro videos, quizzes and surveys.

Project Development Considerations

The team decided to use native mobile app frameworks like iOS Swift and Android Java for highly efficient apps.

The entire app was modular and driven by a content management system built using REST APIs and React web framework.

We adopted MongoDB as the choice of database considering the needs of a non-relational data schema for games, analytics and content.

The team utilized AWS services for extensive media processing, storage and distribution.

Key Features

Tech Stack Used

Amazon Web Services
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The app was an instant hit. Company culture as a gamified experience changed the whole perception about the company. It helped teams to be more engaged and involved with company's journey. Within no time, the app became a go-to source for employees to understand everything about the company.

engaging content modules
daily active users
hours of videos watched daily

"Most of our projects are generally super tight on timelines. Team has consistently delivered projects on team. Even in case of delays, team has never disappointed. Much appreciate this dedicated mindset and approach to work."

Charles, AG Tech, USA

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