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Voice Chat Web App For Scalable Decision Making

A highly scalable and engaging voice based SaaS platform that enables scalable decision-making for civic participation, corporations, and institutions.

Building scalable real time voice chat app for scalable decision making
Project Type
Design & Development - Web App
14 weeks
Media and Communication
Web app

Business Objectives

Founders of PSi, Georgina Denis and Niccolo Pescetelli proposed a comprehensive decision-making platform for real-time critical decisions. We developed an intuitive audio platform that simplifies the decision-making process through anonymous live conversations and effortless voting.

Laptop screen that gives an in-depth preview of the pitch screen for the voice chat app for scalable decision making.
Ease of use
No plugins and no apps. Just go to web and start talking. As simple as that.
Voice (Audio) Communication
To build an easy-to-use and engaging web based app system for all user age groups.
Web Experience
Capture audio inputs at scale. Build scalable audio breakout rooms where users can talk using their phone.

Project Development Considerations

With our experience in live audio and video communications, we identified the following critical aspects of the system.

  • Scale: Building a scalable microservices architecture using serverless AWS lambda.
  • CPaaS: Use proven audio SDK and audio chat capabilities from to build robust live audio conversations.
  • Subscriptions: Use of Hasura based subscriptions for managing the user states and facilitating the time sync.

Tech Stack Used

Amazon Web Services
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We were able to launch the first version in 10 weeks. Our agile iterations and constant feedback from clients helped us to roll out the product with limited challenges.

The system was ready for scalable decisions with capabilities  like:

  • Ability to share audio and text-based ideas
  • Time-bound discussions and voting for thousands of users in parallel
  • Voting and intelligent idea routing 
  • Anonymous real-time audio chats and conversations 
  • Audio recordings and live discussions views for the admin 

14 Weeks

Zero to launch


Users in real time audio discussions

"What distinguished RaftLabs from other providers was their fantastic ability to build real-time engagement-based products. We wanted to build a platform that was partly a social media channel and partly like Zoom where people could interact with each other in real-time, and they did an awesome job doing that. "

Georgina Denis, Co-Founder, SURU Together

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